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Modern Witch Mama Soul Healing Coven

Modern Witch Mama Soul Healing Coven

Are you ready to join a sacred divine feminine space that is going to amplify your self-healing journey so you can step into pursuing your SOUL LEVEL PATH?

What do I mean by "Nurturer?"

You are the person everyone turns to for healing support - whether that is your kids, spouse, friends, clients. You're the go-to Nurturing soul who feels most at home when you're helping others. You thrive on helping others.

But...You can tend to get lost in others' problems; in their needs. Sometimes you can even forget about your own needs and you can unintentionally deplete your energy while helping others.

It's time you took steps toward fulfilling your own spiritual healing path and regaining your energetic health by joining a Coven of like-minded Women (Witches, Healers, Lightworkers, Priestesses.)

As you are working through the light and shadows to transmute your deepest inner wounds into positive forward momentum toward manifesting your soul level path...this is the space to be deeply held and supported.

You feel the soul call to help others on their healing journeys - you know it's part of your soul purpose. Even if you don't know the exact “how” and “why” of this calling.

But you tend to give away a lot of your energy for "free," you are the go-to person to help others and it can be soooooo draining. Like "lay in bed for days watching Friends reruns and eating a tub of ice cream" type-draining.

I see you and I want you to feel nourished and replenished, not drained and depleted!

In the Coven we'll get into Soul Nurturing and Energetic Health Practices and Self-Healing for you to tend to your own inner needs.

This is a group for Your Soul, Nurturer! But as you tend to your soul, know that it will energetically extend to others around you. This is RIPPLE EFFECT LEVEL work.

As you begin to tend to your soul, you energetically give others' around you permission to tend to their own. 

Magical things begin to happen and manifest when you go all in on this type of healing!

In the Coven you can expect:

    • Weekly Journaling/Writing Prompts to tap into your inner nurturer, healer and lightworker/witch/priestess.
    • Weekly Soul Work for you to strengthen your connection to your higher self.
      •  Monthly live 60-minute Zoom Nurturers' Soul Healing Coven Call for you to burn away what is not serving you (literally we burn away energetic layers with holy fire reiki!) The monthly group call rotates between a healing call (holy fire reiki/hypnotherapy/Akashic records sessions), a moon ceremony or ritual for the new/full moons/eclipses and other astrological events, and an extended oracle reading.
      • Weekly Reflection Posts in the Group for the Moon Cycles and working with the energies of the cosmos
      • Reflections, posts and instructions on different spells, rituals, crystals & other healing tools to help you in your nurturer's soul healing journey
      • Reflection posts for Witches, Lightworkers, Priestesses and suggestions for stepping further into your inner power and declaring your own path
      • A private FB Community for you to connect daily with your fellow members, ask questions and follow daily guidance prompts

You have a desire to embrace your authenticity and reclaim your inner divine feminine and Nurturer power...

You also desire:

  • Freedom from emotional baggage, past heavy energy and imprints that are being carried with you, weighing you down
  • Feeling of safety that you are being taken care of by the universe
  • Sense of peace and calm in your life and a feeling that you’re living life on purpose
  • To learn energy clearing and energetic health techniques that allow you to lift the weight of expectations and draining, heavy energies imposed upon you
  • Being comfortable and confident with who you are so you can step into your higher purpose to serve the world in your unique expression
  • Safety to show up in your full expression, knowing that when you do, your life takes on a powerful intuitive flow, free from judgement, negativity, self-doubt and uncertainty
  • To explore your Witch/Healer/Lightworker/Priestess roots; to embrace your spiritual gifts and cultivate them for your highest self good and for the good of all

Introducing the Nurturers' Soul Healing Coven - a monthly intuitive and spiritual healing membership that meets you where you're at, and deeply nurtures and supports you in your unique journey.

This can all be your reality!

You are going to embrace your unique journey with both self-compassion and by examining the areas of light and shadow that are calling to be examined.

And it’s a month-by-month intuitive and mystical journey with various guided topics featured each month throughout the year.

Including a 60-minute live event per month – held on Zoom and broadcast on Facebook Live.

Bonuses for Signing Up for the 12-Month Option:

❤️‍🔥1:1 Healing Hypno-Reiki or Akashic Deep Dive Session (60 minutes) $222 value, Booked anytime during your membership

*Add on private 1:1 Voxer coaching on anything coming up as you move through your journey M-F for an additional $77 per month (options are available and included in the price at checkout.) Voxer Coaching is a great way to work with an Intuitive Mentor without committing to 1:1 Zoom sessions. On Voxer you can ask questions, bring up any mindset or spiritual topics you're working through, and I will answer M-F 9am to 3pm. Inquiries on holidays or weekends or after hours will be responded to the next working day.

If you're ready to embrace your higher self's vision for your life, and SO READY to do something to nourish YOUR SOUL each and every day, then I invite you to join us. 💜

The Nurturer's Soul Healing Coven is your private space to be able to deeply nourish your SOUL, in turn opening up the path for you to reach for all of those goals and dreams you've been holding onto while you were busy nurturing everyone else!

This is your calling; this is your path. Come join the Coven!

15 Modules + Community

Modern Witch Mama Soul Healing Circle

Journey 1 - Winter - An Inner Intuitive Reflection

Welcome to the first Journey of the Mom Intuitive Healing Circle!

I'm so thrilled you made the life-changing decision to join me here, as you are going to magically transform your life and business, and step into the highest embodiment of your higher self's mission and purpose. 

In this Journey you are going to go on a deep inner exploration of where you are currently and where you desire to be in the future.

So let's get started on journeying together through this magical experience of soulful discovery.

Journey 3 - Ostara - Spring Equinox - Blossoming into Your Full Soul Potential

Journey 4 - Beltane

Journey 5 - Litha - Summer Solstice - A time to take aligned soulful action

Journey 6 - Lughnasadh/Lammas - A re-evaluation period

Journey 7 - Mabon - Autumn Equinox - Cleansing and Clearing the Old

Journey 8 - Samhain - Halloween - The Veil Thins / Sprit Communication / Spirit Guides

Spiritual Protection List

When you're first beginning a spiritual intuitive practice, you always want to make sure you have a spiritual protection list in place. 

Each day before engaging in your meditations, readings, or other spiritual rituals, state your protection list aloud (even keep a copy in important places in your home - near your bedside, on your bathroom mirror or in your office - anywhere you'll see the list and be reminded of it each day.)

Self-Hypnosis Journeys

Here you can find pre-recorded hypnosis tracks to listen to anytime you need a boost in certain areas. 

Listen as many times as you feel called!

Live Call Schedule

Our monthly Zoom Healer's Circle Call (where all the magic happens!) will be held every month as outlined below. Call dates/times may change around holidays - and I will always provide an update of schedule changes within the Facebook Group.

Please note the dates are based on a cyclical nature; so they aren't exactly every 4 weeks.

Bonus Workshops

In this area you can find Bonus Workshops around a variety of topics - Intuition, Spirituality, Manifesting, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, Goddess Power Workshops, plus more topics as we evolve and grow.

Coven Members Intuitive Reading Replays

Here you can find all the replays from the Intuitive Readings for Members. Replays will be accessible as long as you're in the membership!

Even if you joined later, feel free to watch these readings as there might be a message in here for you if you're drawn to a particular reading!

Come back to the replays as often as you'd like to recall intuitive insights.

Modules for this product 15
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